How professional removalists helped me move my home and business with precision from Perth to Sydney

In March 2016, I decided to move from Perth to Sydney, lock stock and barrel. I was the owner of a successful brick and mortar business trading in an array of home improvement materials. For several months, my wife and I went over several options before taking the plunge and deciding that Sydney will be our new destination. The first task was for my wife to find a new job in Sydney since her employers had no option of a relocation. Thankfully, she received an offer from another company, and she was happy with the offer. The next part was finding not only a home for the family but also a business accommodation where I could restart my business. removalist services by MetroMovers
We spent about two weeks in Sydney purveying various options and finally identified our new home as well as the business space. Even after considering a marginally better pay packet that was promised to my wife, our home budget would be going through the roof in Sydney. In addition to that, I had also to give a couple of months before my business can gain roots in Sydney and I start generating some revenue. We did plenty of homework for several weeks before nailing the crucial decision. Our reserves were comfortable and could cater to the needs of the family for several months.
We decided to move in the month of July, and since our kids were yet to start regular schools, schooling was not an immediate concern. While that did give us some breather, we had never factored in the challenges of moving lock stock and barrel to another city. We started with some serious research through the digital world and some of the experiences we read gave us nightmares.One of our friends has given us the reference of the removalist services by MetroMovers. So we thought we rather try them since they gave us the good feedback so didn’t want to take any risk at the moment. Apart from the very basics of moving interstate, there was a long list of things to consider.
We decided to use the old world method of listing out these concerns and tackle them one by one.

These are the major points that caught our attention:-

moving house list

  • Need for professional removalists
  • Timeliness
  • Packing priorities
  • Insurance
  • Interstate concerns
  • Unpacking
  • Electronics and expensive gadgets
  • Our car
  • Number of trucks needed
  • Moving the business
  • Timeliness

    It was important that everything worked as planned. Given the distance between Perth and Sydney, everything has to be pretty well organised. Our containers were expected to take about a week before they arrived in Sydney and therefore, for about ten days in a row, we will be left without most of our belongings. We decided to stay in Perth with our friend for the first four days after the trucks leave and reach Sydney on the morning of the 5th day and check into a hotel, for the next five days.

    Packing priorities

    We had to have a plan for packing priorities because our movement involved both the household belongings as well as the business assets. We decided on a date to finally bring down the shutters on my Perth business. At this point, it was becoming clear that we needed professional assistance to create a fail proof plan.


    Insurance was our primary concern because there were so many beautiful prints and we did not want surprises, just in case something might happen. The type of insurance cost involved, exceptions, riders, and all related details had to be ascertained and put in place

    Interstate concerns

    We also learned that interstate removals are not the same as moving to another neighbourhood within the same state. There were quarantine restrictions in some places which meant that the time was taken to ferry our belongings could be more than what we expect.


    unpacking picture
    Once the containers arrived in Sydney, everything had to be unpacked and put in their respective places. Since we were just starting out Sydney, finding local resources for help was a challenge. A removalist who could cater to our needs at both ends was, therefore, essential.

    Electronics and other expensive gadgets

    Packing, placement in the truck, unpacking and re-installing were to be considered. We had some high-value items, and it was important that they reach Sydney without a scratch.

    Our Car

    Our car was just about a couple of months old, and we were more than decided that we would rather move the same across than sell it in Perth and buy a new one in Sydney. With more than a month to go before we finally started packing, we kept our options open on the car. However, we decided to explore the bottlenecks in transporting our car. Driving all the way down was essentially not on our radar.

    Moving the business assets

    move business aspects
    Business assets do not move, and an ideal situation would have been to find a buyer who would take over the business as a running concern. We gave ourselves two weeks to know if someone could be interested in closing a deal pretty quickly. We could only find a half deal which meant that we still had to move part of the stocks that I carried. That was a conscious decision

    Number of containers needed

    This is where we got stuck. We had only a ballpark view of the number of containers that would be required. We assumed that 2×40’ containers would be adequate. But, what if we left with some material that cannot get into the container? How do we determine what can be jettisoned and what must go?

    Need for professional removalists

    successful house moving
    After considering the above factors, we decided that a professional removalist was necessary although it meant top dollars. It was not difficult to find a reliable service provider, and we did some hard negotiations and ensured that all our concerns were squarely addressed. Our containers arrived in Sydney two days ahead of the agreed date and thankfully we had anticipated that. Our home and business were fully set up over the next two days, and we were ready to start our new life in Sydney. Our service provider had some excellent employees who paid great attention to detail at both ends leaving little physical work for us. Damages in transit were very minimal and nothing worth the bother.

    If you are planning a long-haul move anytime, choose the professionals, and we can confidently vouch that the peace of mind you get justifies the expenditure.

    Make Your Move Less Chaotic – Turn to Cardboard Box Suppliers for Assistance

    Whether you’re moving house or moving for commercial purposes, it is well worth it to consider going to a cardboard box supplier for packing materials. No matter what your requirements, cardboard box suppliers will have, you covered. From bubble wrap to steel strapping and furniture cover, all that you need to pack your things can be found at a cardboard box supplier store.
    cardboard packing boxesWhen I had to move house, I managed to get a few boxes from my neighbours and was all set to start packing. But then I noticed that the boxes were infested with mites! After promptly throwing them in the trash, I decided to buy packing supplies from a cardboard box supplier instead. Let me be honest, going in I was apprehensive about how much I will have to fork out for the supplies. Moving was an expensive ordeal, and I was on a tight budget. So I approached it with caution. The supplier asked me about how much stuff I had to move and how I was making the move. He also enquired about any speciality items such as fragile glassware or electronics that I’ll be moving. Once he had all the details, he offered me advice on which types of boxes and materials will suit my requirements.

    I bought cardboard boxes to pack most of my stuff.Especially, For my expensive designer shoes as shown below. For sure can’t risk them 😉 Trust me cardboards are the saviours And guess what, In today’s world nothing is impossible.
    Shoes boxAlso when i was researhcing on cardboards, I came across this interesting information which I want to share for fun.

    From my books to my kitchen utensils, I packed everything in the sturdy cardboard boxes.For the more fragile items, such as glassware, I wrapped them in bubble wrap before packing them in a One of the items that the cardboard box supplier recommended, and I found to be very useful, was the cardboard edge protectors. They helped to strengthen the boxes further and offered better protection for the items inside. For elements such as lamp shades, I was advised to use single face rolls, which are typically used for irregular shaped items that can’t be packed in a box. Having the right items sure made my job easier. The supplier also told me that it was important to use the right box sizes to ensure safe transportation. So instead of packing small items in big boxes or stuffing big items in smaller boxes, I used boxes of varying sizes to pack my things neatly. This ensures that none of my boxes came apart, as well as ensuring that the things were snugly packed with no room to move around in the boxes, thereby minimising the possibility of damage during transit.

    All in all, going to a cardboard box supplier did packing and moving a much more organised and hassle-free experience. And the cost was surprisingly affordable since I bought in bulk and got good rates, And guess what I have put these cardboards into use with these amazing DIY’s as well.

    If you are looking to move, ship, or put items in storage, you should consider buying supplies from a reputable box supplier. Not only will they have all the materials that you’ll need, but they’ll also provide you with expert advice on what boxes you should use and how you should pack your things. And let’s be honest, we can get useful information and guidance during a move.

    cardboard packing boxes

    Most top 10 Lies Suppliers Like to Tell You About Packing Boxes

    Whether you are a small business owner or just out to buy a new pair of headphones for yourself, good or bad packaging can seriously affect your decisions.

    If you are a retailer, you would be familiar with the impact packaging can have on your business. The first time a customer receives something they ordered from you in a squashed, soggy box with the product disarrayed inside will surely be the last time they buy from your company. So, it is always important for the company to decide where to buy carton boxes, quality boxes for packaging materials.

    Have cheap manufacturers cheated you into buying packaging that fails its purposes? It is the false promises and misleading claims made by packaging box suppliers that make you put your products in containers that just do not protect their quality and integrity. Don’t always go for big boxes for sale.

    best moving boxes

    Here are some of the lies and misconceptions that act as pitfalls you should beware of packaging.

    Their product is of good quality

    The packaging material is also a product whose quality matters. Ensure that you are buying material that suits your purposes, such as sturdiness if it is reusable or decomposability if you want biodegradable packaging.
    Sometimes even poor quality containers such as corrugated boxes can be expensive.

    Low cost is always good

    You should be ready to spend a little for good quality. If you are being sold cheap boxes which cost way less than the general market standard it may reflect the quality of the material.
    Remember the time the cartons ripped open under pressure and compromised the integrity of your product? You don’t want that to happen again.

    Discount deals are good

    You may be promised a 40% discount for buying in bulk but before you say yes to the deal make sure that you are not buying a large number of sub-standard cartons from a bad manufacturer.

    They are selling you fresh boxes

    Make sure you are duped into buying second-hand boxes when you have paid for new ones. Used containers can compromise the product during transport.

    shipping boxes wholesale

    Packaging is just boxes

    The right box is the must for the right product.
    A good manufacturer is creative and aware about the product to be showcased.

    Adding layers is good

    More layers of the packaging mean more waste!
    Multiple layers may be necessary for protecting the product, but they make recycling difficult.

    The packaging is recyclable

    False claims may be made about the biodegradability of the packaging material.
    Layers of foil, plastic, cardboard and aluminium laminated together with added metal strips make recycling difficult and costly.

    packaging materials recheck

    They tell you what they contain

    Packaging can make false or exaggerated claims about contents.
    Large packaging disproportionate to the size of the product may mislead or confuse customers.

    Disposable is real

    Packaging is not just for delivery. Reuse and storage capacity are qualities of good packaging.
    If packaging cannot be reused, it should be recyclable or biodegradable.

    Multiple packaging is necessary

    Boxes within boxes are used during transport and delivery increases waste.
    Intelligently chosen suitable packaging precludes the necessity for multiple level packaging.

    Which Roof Tiles Suits Your Dream House ?

    With very many roofing types available today, it is hard for us to identify the right product. Choosing the best roofing material is as important as getting an experienced roofing professional because the roof restoration cost is quite high these days. Always suggested to get roof seal or paint cost from different roofing professional and compare them. Also, the good idea is to read the reviews about the roofing professional before lock-in the agreement. Whether you are replacing or installing a new roof, the guidelines provided below give a deeper understanding of different roofing materials, so you may know the best that suits your needs.

    Asphalt Composition Shingles

    Asphalt roof restorationThey are the most commonly used, as well as the least expensive. They can last for about 20 years after installation. These shingles come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Standard asphalt shingles are vulnerable to ice and wind damages. They are available in fibreglass or paper-based organic. Although not environment-friendly, most people choose to use fibreglass. However, if you need a roofing material, friendly to the environment, you may consider the installation of asphalt shingle (paper-based organAsphalt composition ic) roofing material.

    Asphalt Architectural Shingles

    This is an upgrade to the standard composition shingles. These shingles are also known as dimensional or laminated shingles. Due to their advanced technical design, they are more durable than their cousins above are! They can last up to somewhere between 30 and 50 years. They are resistances to wind and fire. Although architectural asphalt shingles are expensive, they are a perfect choice as far as beauty and durability are concerned.

    Clay Tiles

    metal roof

    Concrete roof restoration

    We can consider these as lifetime roofing materials. They can last up to 100 years. Traditionally, clay tiles were created by physical moulding and hand shaping. Currently, manufacturers set up and shape clay tiles with different specialised equipment. After that, the tiles are passed through a high temperature to enhance their durability. Apart from that, clay tiles can accept different colouring and decorations, depending on the consumer’s choice. This roofing type is among the most expensive, yet preferred by many due to its beauty and durability.

    clay tile roof

    Concrete Tiles

    Made from cement, sand, and water, concrete tiles also serve as durable roofing materials. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. These tiles can last up to somewhere between 30 and 40 years. People like concrete tiles because they are durable, with low maintenance cost. Unlike clay tiles that are susceptible to breakage, concrete tiles are strong enough for anybody to walk on. A piece of advice- if you are using clay tiles, never allow non-professionals to walk on top.

    Metal Roof Restoration

    Metal roofing types are made of aluminium, copper, steel, and other alloy strips. The beauty with metal roofs is they require little or no maintenance. They can last for many years (50-75 years). Despite their shiny, gorgeous look and durability, metal roofs are not that expensive. Besides, they are lightweight. And we can install them on top of an existing roof. Furthermore, the shiny look is not just for beauty. It also serves to reflect excess heat from the sun to maintain a cool environment during summer.

    Wood Shingle

    Typically made from western red cedar, pine, or cypress, they offer a greater resistance to rot.wood roof
    They can last for up to 50 years if properly maintained. People largely use wood shingles because they have a natural appearance that blends the surrounding. They are also environmentally friendly.